The Directors of COIL spent 10 days at the PC (USA) General Assembly
In the summer of 2010, after a long springtime of building relationships witht the primary organizations working within the denomination for LGBTQ rights. These organizations included More LIght Presbyterians, Covenant Network, and That All May Freely Serve. Together with Soulforce, these groups delivered a book and DVD sponsored by the COIL Foundation to every Commissioner attending the 210th General Assembly. That summer, working on site with all these organizations, the Directors of COIL lobbied and volunteered on the issues of granting full rights of Marriage, Ordination, and Pensin benefits for LGBTQ people within the denomination. The Action culminated in the Directors of COIL and other volunteers joining Soulforce (other orgnizations did not participate) in exercising their rights to Civil Disobedience on the floor of the General Assembly. This led to some arrests, and much fruitful dialog amongst the various parties and opinion leaders. The debates on these issues continue within the PC (USA) denomination, with victories having eventually been achieved in the areas of Ordination rights and Pension benefits.